Post-election Violence Imminent In Nigeria 2023, May End Nigeria - Reports [Details]

Throwback Times
    Nigeria's Major Influential Presidential Candidates

Before analyzing the possible outcome of Nigeria's forthcoming 2023 Presidential Election, we are going to make it short and also avoid use of technical words for a better understanding for a layman.

It is proverbial that Nigeria since has been battling rising insecurities threatening her existence. Northern Nigeria is the peak of insecurity hosting multiple Terrorists Organizations linked to ISIS, a terrorist Organization simplified as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria advocating Salafi Jihadist branch of Sunni Islam founded by Abu Musab in 1999.

ISIS has grown so wide and wild spreading it's belief across the world and claiming territories possibly linked with Sunni Islam in the past Centuries - territories in Yemen, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, South Asia, North Caucuses, Iraq, Syria, and Nigeria, etc.

In Nigerian history, Usman Yusuf Danfodio, an Islamic Scholar and a Sunni Islam migrated to Nigeria, Conquered natives in Borno State, other populated part of Northern Nigeria and was the founder of Sokoto Caliphate.

Since ISIS has many ideology which one it advocates that all their historic conquests be declared full Independent Sovereign Islamic State. It all started in Nigeria  in the year 2002 till date which has claimed an estimation of over One Million Lives of Nigerian Security agents and over 4.1 Million lives of civilians.

Most Political Key Stakeholders in Nigeria are Fulani Sunni Islam which made war against Insurgents in the North seemed unending. The diversity nature of Nigeria has made it almost impossible for practical Crystalization of Nigerian Sunni Belivers in Nigeria Government with ISIS branch - Boko Haram/ISWAP towards achieving the agenda of engendering an independent Islamic State.

Coming to East and Southern Nigeria, Studies shows that rising Insecurities in the Southeastern Nigeria was as a result of maddening renewed agitation by people of Old Eastern Nigeria to seperate from Nigeria of which caused Civil War 1967 - 1970 causing the death of over 3.5 Million Lives in SouthEastern Nigeria, a war qualified as Genocide. The agitation renewed violently over rising threats by Sunni Fighters from the North, allegedly marginalization, Economic showdown, others.

A man popularly called Mr Nnamdi Kanu from Eastern Nigeria founded a Group dating back to 2013 known as Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) as the group becomes the largest Biafra agitator groups in the South East, other groups were Biafra Zionist Movement, MASSOB, BnL, BNG, BIM, BOFF, etc. Our recent findings shows that majority members of the latter groups have joined IPOB.

Nigeria Self-centered governance style birthing Corruptions and odd  policies have caused disastrous situations ranging from Economic, Political, Social, and Religious Crises trembling Nigeria.

Coming back to the incoming 2023 Presidential Election, our findings also shows that majority of Nigerians especially the young people have developed serious interest on a man called Peter Obi from Eastern Nigeria, a Labour Party presidential candidate forming a Movement Called 'OBIdient Movement'.

                    Mr Peter Obi

Nigerians seemed to have lost all confidence in its Government for years, currently resting their last hope on Peter Obi for an improved Governance. 

What happens should he fail if Democratic principle is truncated while counting the votes? By simple deduction, Post-election violence which may threaten the existence of Nigeria is inevitable. Most agitators from South East and South West (Oduduwa Nation agitators) seemed to have lessened pushes hoping that Nigeria would respect Democratic electoral law which has very high possibility of projecting their Favourite candidate Obi as the winner.

Should reverse be the case? Agitations may resort to full scale arms struggle fueled by rising inflation, hunger, unemployment, extra-judicial killings, unfavourable policies, etc.

Credit: Retrojams UK

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