Zuwanu Tops as the best Online marketplace in Nigeria to buy and sell products and services in 2022

Throwback Times

Having evolved since its emergence in 2019 Zuwanu has experienced major improvements and growth in its technologies and user growth over the last 4 years.
been mentioned as Jumia's direct competitor in Nigeria by Wikipedia, zuwanu has also risen to rank to play as a major player in the classified ads industry, zuwanu provides services to multinational userbase and apps for different languages like English and french, zuwanu faces big players like amazon, aliexpress, Olist, and others.
Zuwanu started in Dakar Senegal as an e-commerce store and later expanded into classified listing for new and used items in Multiple categories, zuwanu has seen a successful transaction of millions of Deals so far, though underfunded when started in 2019 with just $60,000 by its CEO Mr Okechukwu Faith Onyedikachi, zuwanu has rapidly multiplied its startup funds by 5 as zuwanu worths around $300,000 as of february 2022.
More about Zuwanu.
Zuwanu is the best online marketplace in Nigeria where you can sell & Buy Houses, cars, Fashion clothing and other services and jobs in Nigeria and other countries for free. On zuwanu.com you can buy and sell online your products and services, display your jobs and make job requests, post items you want to swap and Let out. There is so much you can archive with zuwanu as the best platform with the right technology to help optimize your businesses.
Zuwanu is built with easy and flexible Ad listing categories you can easily post your products for sale on the right category or directory, easily list and advertise services and find items you want to buy online, zuwanu makes it easier to locate new customers daily. Enjoy features like adding products you love as favorites in your wishlist, getting your business legit with customers review making sure there is no doubt on your next customer or finding the right business vendor. You can chat easily with Customers or sellers, and find goods and services for sale near your location.
Zuwanu is the best place to sell or buy your new and used cars, mobile phones, laptops, hair dryers, sell fashion shoes, clothing, furniture, building materials, properties like houses and lands and hotel booking services, business directory listing, book, heavy duty machines, bikes, trucks and more.
Easily show items you have for sale to those near you, zuwanu has its office in Nigeria but doesn't limit users from only in Nigeria, you can buy and sell on zuwanu based on your country by selecting your matching country then find a seller near you and buy from them, what this means is you can buy and sell online in the USA on zuwanu, find items for sale in UK, Spain, France, Kenya, south Africa, Biafra, Brazil every country's of the world or even in the next street to yours. There are flexible widgets to help you enjoy your online shopping with the right budget, you can easily find low-cost products, search based on brand, specifications and more, enjoy premium services using zuwanu members which is a classic way to sell.
Zuwanu helps users worldwide buy and sell to themselves without stress. Install app and enjoy these beautiful feature's in a simple low data but high efficient online selling app.
Enjoy the ability to create stores, receive calls and chats, edit posted products, sell online, post items for swaps, rent, and jobs on zuwanu.
Buy and sell online with zuwanu, with one user account
Zuwanu allows you to buy and sell your products easily to anyone near you in your country. you can list products for sale and jobs vacancies, items to let and stuffs you want to swap, zuwanu is the best place to advertise and shop seamlessly from different categories of products, easily create a store to sell and buy on zuwanu with just one account. Zuwanu is the best place to sell your clothes, hair, toiletries, kitchen utensils, cars, phones, shoes, Tv sets, sound systems, etc.
Users can make money online on zuwanu by referring people to use the app. it has a good affiliate program and you can get paid within 24hrs.

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